15. How to Beat the Post-Travel Blues

Jet lag, like hangovers, worsens with age. But the pounding head and sleepless nights don’t compare to the pit of depression that is the post travel blues.

It’s now been a whole week since we’ve been back from our six-week-long honeymoon in Europe, and I’ve got it bad. We spent the first few days walking around in a trance, dazed and confused to be back at work, back at home. Happy but overwhelmed to be surrounded once again by friends and family. Well-rested but exhausted with the real world. Yes, our sleep cycles have finally returned to normal – but something still isn’t quite right. I’ve got to cure these blues. Continue reading

13. Packing Tips for Thirty Kilos Plus a Carry-On

It is now only 11 days ’til we leave – unable to contain the butterflies in my belly any longer, I decide to attempt the trial pack.

We drag the suitcases out of storage; a ripe, stacked babushka for those more inclined to airplanes than dolls. I open the suitcases after too many (long) years of hibernation… and it hits me. The heady musk of travel. I reel at that familiar, favourite scent, the unzippered bag grinning at me as the memories flood back; one whiff and I’m back in Oslo, hauling the stuffed red cases onto a jolting tram and trying to no avail to keep them upright; in Chiba, unpacking them on tatami mats at a Ryokan near the black shores of the North Pacific; and in Koh Yao Noi, desperately rummaging through them for mosquito repellant in the tropical Thai heat. Continue reading

12. A Departure Checklist

If you’re anything like me, the excitement of a holiday either hits you hard at the very last minute, as leave work on a Friday afternoon at 6pm before you board a 10pm flight — or you spend six months counting down to it, crossing off the calendar days, triple-checking the weather forecast, picking out movies on the in-flight entertainment program in advance. There is no happy medium, no sliding comfortably into the warm knowledge of an upcoming trip. It’s butterflies-in-the-belly one way or the other. It’s silly, really, to get so worked up over a holiday, but I can’t help it. I have the travel bug bad.

I find the only way to combat the mind-churning, heart-pounding, sleepless nights, is to do a brain-dump, and make a checklist. With just a few weeks to go, these are a few things that I need to tick off – perhaps you should add these to your list as well? Continue reading